Puppies for Sale/Litter N

Litter N, born October 13,2008, is out of  Fero and Subi. The pups will be aptitude tested and ready for placement December 1st. This is a big, uniform, good-looking litter of solid-black and bi-color pups.

This litter scored in the 2s and 3s on their aptitude tests. In general pups scoring in the 2s will be better picks for more experienced handlers looking for a more dominant dog that is a protection or sport candidate. Pups scoring in the 3s are well balanced and will tend to make the best family dogs--protective but not too dominant. Please contact us to go over the pups' scores in detail.

Pups from a prior litter from this pair can be found here.

Sire                                                                                                Dam
Subi and litter N at 1 week                                                                    Litter N at 1 week

Blue Girl at 5 weeks (Solid Black) 6.4 lbsSOLD                    at 7 weeks 3.4 on aptitude test

Red Boy at 5 weeks (Bi-Color) 6.8 lbs.   SOLD                    at 7 weeks 2.4 on aptitude test   (best protection candidate)

Green Girl at 5 weeks (Solid Black) 7.4 lbs.  SOLD              at 7 weeks 2.5 on aptitude test

Purple Boy at 5 weeks (Bi-Color) 7.7 lbs.   AVAILABLE                  at 7 weeks 2.8 on aptitude test

Stumpy Boy at 5 weeks (Bi-Color) 3.4 lbs.   AVAILABLE   at 7 weeks 2.9 on aptitude test

Blue Boy at 5 weeks (Solid Black) 6.4 lbs. SOLD                    at 7 weeks 3.4 on aptitude test

Camo Boy at 5 weeks (Solid Black) SOLD