Puppies for Sale/Litter M

Just two females still available from litter M, born August 15, 2008.

Sire                                                                                                              Dam

   Green Boy at 5 weeks                                                                               At 7 weeks 3.5 on aptitude test  SOLD                               

Green Boy should be on the medium-large side according to the breed standard and should make an excellent companion/family dog. He should be protective, but not overly dominant--fairly easy to handle.            

  Blue Boy 5 weeks                                                                                      At 7 weeks 4.6 on aptitude test  SOLD                  

Blue Boy is the smallest of his litter (probably about 70 lbs. when grown). Blue Boy should make an excellent family dog/companion, particularly for a family w/small children. Should be easy to handle--an ideal choice for the first-time shepherd owner.

                                                                                                                         Green Girl  SOLD                                                                                                                                                                                                          

                                                                                                                       Purple Boy SOLD

         Orange Girl at 5 weeks                                                   At 7 weeks 3.2 on aptitude test AVAILABLE                                     

Orange girl will likely be medium-sized according to the breed standard. Alert and social, she should make an excellent family/companion dog and watchdog.

         Red Girl at 5 weeks                                                                               At 7 weeks 4.0 on aptitude test  Kept by Breeder

Red Girl should be medium/large according to the breed standard. Well balanced and fairly independent, she should make  a great  family/companion dog and watchdog.                 

      Purple Girl at 5 weeks                                                                           At 7 weeks 3.0 on aptitude test SOLD

Purple Girl should be medium-sized according to the breed standard. She is probably the most well-rounded pup in the litter. She has potential for advanced training in sport or personal protection.

      Red Boy at 5 weeks                                                                                   At 7 weeks SOLD