Born on the Summer Solstice, June 21, 2007, these pups are from DDR and Czech lines on their dam's side and primarily German working and show lines on their sire's side. These guys are little tanks; their sire is Max and their Dam is Pepin.
This litter is comprised of two black males (Blue boy has a small silver stripe on chest), 1 black female and 1 black-sable female. The males of this litter are priced at $750.00 and the females are priced at $650.00. They were aptitude tested August 12th and are now ready for placement in their new homes.There is one male still available from this litter.

This litter's average score on the Volhard test was 2.55.
Two males and one female pup scored an average in the"twos." "These pups require a more experienced handler, but have the potential to make excellent work or show dogs.The description of puppies in the "twos" is as follows: "Mostly 2's This pup is dominant and self-assured. He can be provoked to bite; however he readily accepts human leadership that is firm, consistent and knowledgeable. This is not a dog for a tentative, indecisive individual. In the right hands, he has the potential to become a fine working or show dog and could fit into an adult household, provided the owners know what they are doing."1

Purple girl averaged 3.2. The description of puppies in the "threes"; is as follows: "Mostly 3's This pup is outgoing and friendly and will adjust well in situations in which he receives regular training and exercise. He has a flexible temperament that adapts well to different types of environment, provided he is handled correctly. ."2

last updated 10/14/2007

1,2 taken from The Art of Raising a Puppy by The Monks of New Skete

                  Litter C at 3 weeks
                 Litter C at 6 weeks
               Blue Boy at 3 weeks

SOLD Blue Boy scored 2.5 on his aptitude test. At only six weeks of age he already exhibited an extraordinarily high ball and prey drive.  He should grow to be of average size according to the breed standard and has a plush coat. Do not let his current state of extreme cuteness fool you. He does not scare, is very attentive, and is as tenacious as a dog can get. He has schutzhund and general protection potential and will need an experienced handler with an active lifestyle.

                                Blue Boy at 10 weeks
Red Boy scored 2.5 on his aptitude test. He is the biggest of the litter, and though a little more laid back than his brother, he should make an excellent working dog or family protection dog. He has a very stable temperament,and should excel in most any capacity.SOLD
            Red Boy at 10 weeks

Purple girl scored 3.2 on her aptitude test. She is the smallest pup of the four and has a very sweet disposition, but is not at all timid. She has a beautiful feminine face and will make an excellent family dog. SOLD
        Purple Girl at 10 weeks


Sable Girl scored 2.5 on her aptitude test and near rivals her big brother in drive and dominance. She is on the large side of the standard for a female, and should do well in ar companion/protector capacity. SOLD

         Sable Girl at 10 weeks